Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well we are back from vacation. We had a BLAST!!! It was a wonderful time! Though I must admit it was too long. By the end of our vacation, the kids were on each others' nerves and fighting over stupid things (more so then normal), and we have decided that next time we will limit the amount of activities we have planned, and just go with the flow more. Because we had more fun on our beach days, then we did on all our park days, racing here and there, trying to cram in everything that the parks had for us. We truly enjoyed the beach the best. Even the kids said that their favorite part was the beach, so all the hundreds of dollars we spent on the parks, we could have saved just by going to the beach! Lesson learned. The weather was GORGEOUS, the entire time we were there, sunny, and in the 70's-80's, just PERFECT!!! We took tons of pictures, I will get them posted as soon as I get a chance, we actually took too many, we had to stop and buy a new memory stick (we had brought the laptop, but not any of the cables to hookup the camera, or a thumb drive, so we had to buy a new memory stick) LOL, so there is A LOT of pictures, about 800 or so, you will not see them all, but I will post a few :-), Thom and the kids were camera happy :-) We also got sick while we were gone. Actually, me and Will were the sickest while we were gone. We had strep throat, ear and sinus infections! AUGH! It was horrible!! I actually did not even get out of bed yesterday, Thom was sweet enough to stay home form work another day and take care of me and the kids. me and the boys are all sick. We are on antibiotics, so hopefully we should start feeling better soon, I am out of bed today, so I see that as improvement :-) I will get pictures posted as soon as I get some things unpacked and find the camera and memory sticks. Also the next two weeks will be BUSY, with MOVING!!!!! So posting and computer time will be limited!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Way too much of a close up Daddy!!!
Beautiful girls!!!

My handsome boys!
Cheese Daddy!
Thanks Gramma an Papa!
And now we are headed out the door to California for a nine days for Spring Break to have some much needed and well earned fun! Will post pics when we get home:-) Have a fun break!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Well tonight we had a nice little party for mom and Will cause we are going to be in Cali for our birthdays. We are leaving tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is my birthday and Will's is next Saturday. So we had a fun thing at my mom and dad's. Dinner, cake and presents. We had lots of fun! And we got spoiled, of course! My computer is on the fritz, so here are just a few of the pictures.

Pooh did really good, and he blew out the candles by himself:-)
And I blew out mine:-)
We shared an ice cream cake, it was delicious!!
Pooh got his own gun, and they had a HUGE war afterward!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well as you know things have not been going our way lately. And I have been low on faith. Thanks for all your continued prayers, cause I have needed them! Our good friend Shirley called after contacting a friend of hers who happen to be a real estate agent, and she suggested we look at homes with lease options. So we contacted our agent, and he got right on it, thank you Chuck, YOU ARE A LIFESAVER!!!! We found this gorgeous house, and we did not think that the terms would work for us, but we went to look at it today anyways. As we pulled down the street, we were falling in love, and as soon as we walked inside we fell instantly IN LOVE, it is so much better than we could have ever hoped for. Yet still we were apprehensive. And Chuck says, "Um, you guys are awfully quiet." And I said, "It is TOO perfect, everything about it is perfect." And he says okay lets get it done then. But of course after all the bad luck we have been having I think it is impossible for all of it to come together and all parties be happy, in this lease option. As we were moving into a home with a VA loan and therefore no money down, and a lease option generally wants 10-20,000 dollars down. So we laid out what we could do, and Chuck and their agent went to work. I just received a call from Chuck, WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!!!! We go into escrow tomorrow, and everything should be signed and done before we leave on vacation on Saturday!!!!!! Is God good or what!?!?!?!? Yet to be totally honest, I am still waiting for the bottom to fall out from under us. I know, I am horrible, I am low on faith right now, but when we are in it, what a faith builder that will have been:-)

These are off the MLS listing

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Well, not much is going on here. We have all been fairly sick, lovely! Thom has been EXTREMELY busy with work, he had been spending the majority of his time up in Salt lake, generally Monday through Friday the last couple months, only spending the weekends with us, which is generally busy doing church work. but we have survived and things seem to be calming down, he is not going at all this week:-). And we are busy getting ready to go on vacation for Spring Break, we are going to San Diego, as are many of our friends, so this SHOULD BE an enjoyable time, I am apprehensive as things have not been going our way lately, to think that everything will go wonderful and smooth. We still have not found a house (thanks Misty I called on that house this morning, and I am going to look at it this afternoon, but she did not sound positive that it was still available), we need to have a house nailed down before we leave to go on vacation, because we will only have a week remaining in the month to get out of our house when we return form vacation in which to move, not enough time to find a house and move. So I hope to be busy this week, FINDING the house! Yes, the house in the last blog was PERFECT, but the last time I talked to her she said that there was a stack of apps before ours and when and if they got to ours she would let me know, and until then she recommended that we continue looking, so I did not see that as a good sign, LOL. my kitties are 4 weeks old today! They are cute little buggers! I think we have finally come to a compromise on what we are going to do with them. My mom wants Liberty. Belle, is being naughty, so she is going away (this would have happened, regardless of anything else, due to the things she has been doing), she is either going to the no-kill shelter, or she will go to Thom's friends Cobb's daughter. And we will be keeping Tigger and Honey. Well that is all for now. If you are of the praying persuasion. PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR US!!!!! I KNOW God has a plan for us, I just wish He would not wait till that last minute to reveal it to us, LOL!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Well we are not getting our house, we have given up, actually our broker gave up, she said their was nothing we could do after the economy has taken the turn that it has, mortgage lenders have had to set the new terms and there is nothing we can do about it. But we still have to be out of our house in three weeks, so we are currently looking for a new house to rent. I found a house that I am TOTALLY in love with!!! It is actually only two streets up from where we are at now, so the same neighborhood, same school, the kids can still play with their friends (and we still get to be close to our friends Kat and Van, Mike and Cindy, and John and Michelle). But the yard is larger, the house is larger, and the rent is cheaper! I am really excited about it. I know, I should know better than to get excited about something, cause it seems to always fall apart huh? So we will see what happens, but we have three weeks to get everything to fall into place SOMEWHERE so we should not be homeless at all:-) And you know what, I am okay and content with all this, God is working on my heart. And with everything frickin Obama keeps yanking from us who knows if Thom will even have a job in say 6 months, so maybe we should not even be buying a house, God knows what is best for us, I believe He is saving us from making a huge mistake right now. I would LOVE to go off on an I TOTALLY DISLIKE Obama rant right now, but I do not have the 5 days it would take, so I will not:-) SO yeah, I think we did not get our house, because God is saving us. So we are going to be content with wherever He places us. And whenever He decides to clue us in on where that is, I will let you know:-)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


***This is a report that Kaiden had to write for school:***


If I were President I would keep the Mexican boundaries and there would be no democrats and republicans, there would only be Americans. I will give riches to the poor. I will lower gas prices. I would end this terrible war that has cost thousands of lives, with billions of atomic bombs. My Vice President would be Zackary Cluff and my Secretary would be Talon Fiut. Together we’ll be unstoppable. Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha. I would live in the White House with my wife and my three children named Tad, Kaiden Jr, and Mark (a.k.a. Mark Twain). I would put an arcade, game room, a built in Gold’s Gym, and Disneyland all in the White House. I would also say; this to all terrorist, “We will, we will rock you, we will, we will, hunt you down sock you down me and my gang, so watch it.” I also declare schools and businesses will be remodels and helped. And the economy will be fixed and renewed. I would also have blacks and whites will both be Americans. And the rich will give thousands to the poor There would be one class form each state that will get to live in the white house for a days using all the riches and servants they want. The Olympics would be every three years. There would also be one class in the United States would win one million dollars for each student and the teacher. That means every kid would walk home and say, “Mommy I got a million dollars!” And that why I would want to be President.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Okay, so this was our week, right, we have been waiting for March 1st, everyone told us, that on March 1st, our credit "discrepancies" (discrepancies that again were NOT our fault!) would be fixed, so after 4 months of working on this, we have been waiting for march 1st, we received an extension on our house until March 16th, so we are okay, as long as on March 1st, everything IS fixed. Now if you remember, we had received a 'pre-approval' cause all HUMANS looking at our paperwork say YES, it is definitely a go-ahead, it is just the dang computer we were having issues with, getting the final approval, because of this ONE little line on our credit, would keep the computer form being able to sale it after we closed.So we had to WAIT for this line to be fixed. So March 1st was our date. So yesterday I called our broker. And YES, PRAISE GOD, OUR CREDIT IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!! But, of course, there is always a but in our lives! As of March 1st, the is a new requirement, "all across the board, on all new home loans", that there is a minimum credit score of ____. Okay fine, great, BUT, after 4 months of trying to get our credit fixed, they(whoever 'they' is) pulled our credit NUMEROUS times, and now our credit is BELOW that minimum line!!!!! So if whoever could have just gotten our credit fixed February 28th, we would be able to close and move on with our lives. Oh my gosh, seriously!!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Regardless we have to be out of house we are currently living in by March 31st. We are praying and covet your prayers! It is going to take a miracle for anything good to come out of this situation now. BUT, luckily, I still believe in miracles:-)