Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The title does not give much away, cause yeah my life is always full of stress. But I need to vent some here, so read at your own risk:)
First it all started with the weekend. It began on Friday. I went to the bank to deposit a check, and I was at the window. The lady gives me my receipt and pushes the button to pull the drawer back in, so I drive off, BUT, the drawer did not go in, and as I pulled away it tore up my car, BAD! It looks real bad, but I drove off without talking to the, cause by this time I am in a hurry. So my car is beat up (I would show pictures, but it would just make me cry). Luckily my husband is so used to me doing stuff like this, he is upset, but is not mean about it. I actually got the weekend off of work, I have been working ALOT, well a normal amount of hours(40), but I am supposed to be part time, so I can spend time with my kids. But after working a full week, I got Saturday and Sunday off, WAHOO!!! But Saturday started with our Scout Day Camp. That sucked, LOL, no it did really, but I can not pin point anything in particular. It was just a waste of time and money. But me and Thom ended up taking only 4 of the boys (the Webelos). But anyways blah, blah, I will not go into the sucky particulars of that. But we left there and returned to the church to drop off the boys, and while we were waiting for boys to be picked up (took about an hour to get rid of them all, AN HOUR!!) Anyways Thom waited at the church with the boys and I went to pick up my kids from Misty's house(again, thanks so much, you are the best!). But I had to drive home and drop off my Explorer and pick up the van because Thom has filled the back of my car up so much that my kids will not fit in it! So I get the van, and begin my drive to Misty's. And my van begins to have problems, I think it may die, leaving me stranded on the side of the street (or the middle of it). But I make it to Misty's get the kids, freaking out and praying I make it the whole way. I get back to the church to pick up Thom and Kaiden and we head home, again barely making it home. Apparently it needs a new fuel pump, which is going to run us about $600. So it is parked in our drive way where it will stay till we get it fixed, which at Christmas time, could be a few months. So now I have a broken down van and a broken Explorer:( but at least my Explorer runs, it is just not pretty anymore. Then we headed up to Snow Canyon, my parents were camping up there, and we decided to go up there hiking and have dinner with them. We did not stay too long, cause we were all soo tired(I did not get home from work till after 11:30 the night before, at which time I told Thom's friend to go home so my kids could go to sleep, LOL, so we were all up till after midnight the night before and up early for Scout Camp.), and the girls were not feeling real well. I suspected Rylie of having a bladder infection. So we ended up heading down back into St. Goerge, and going to Insta Care. Where the doctor saw both girls. Rylie has a really bad urinary tact infection, which is beginning to make its way up to her kidneys. And Makayla has a yeast infection(due to the antibiotics she just came off of). Poor girls! So they are both on antibiotics. Sunday was my bum around day. I sluffed church and meetings and did NOTHING but clean my house and rest. My house was a DISASTER! I have been so busy, I have not had a chance to clean, so it was pretty bad! I had to work a few hours on Monday but then I have all week off, WAHHOOOO!!!! Monday Thom went out of town to Salt Lake, and he will be home Thursday. Last night I was up all night with Nic with an ear ache. So this morning I took him to Instacare. Sure enough he has another ear infection. That sucks! But then the doctor looks at me and says has anybody ever told you he has a heart murmur? This does not register with me, and I say "What? No" and he says yes, he has a heart murmur. Which apparently is no big deal, but still is freaking me out. I called his regular pediatrician, and he has an appointment with him on Thursday, I am looking forward to that, to have some questions answered. I am scared for him.
So there is my sucky few days in a nut shell.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well this post is a couple days over due, but I have been so busy, this is the first chance I got. Apparently the story is: Nic was playing outside, opened the back door, let Belle out and then proceeded to 'play' with her in the backyard, and chased her off. This was two weeks ago, (well two weeks on Sunday) So she was gone, we could not find her, we searched the neighborhood and the pound. She was not to be found. But cause of the area we live in, I just assumed a coyote or the like got her. I was very sad, but after two weeks, we had completely written her off as ever coming back. But I returned home from work on Saturday evening and walked across the street to Kat's house (she had agreed to watch the kids for the last hour of my shift while Thom went and finished the last evening of the rodeo.) I got the kids and we started talking. We talked for about half an hour, then I started to head home, and we stopped in the driveway to talk some more. We eventually ended up sitting down in the middle of her drive way, and talking for another 30-45 minutes or so. During this time my kids were running back and forth across the street, and her two dogs, Tia and Kami, were playing with the kids. Tia eventually ran off down the street, which is normal, but she always comes back. But the kids chase after her any ways. Apparently Tia went further this time then she normally goes, and the kids came back to tell us that she was in hot pursuit of a white cat, and were headed down the other side of the block. So I think hmm.... I tell Kaiden, Kayla and Ry(it is now way past dark, so I made the little boys stay with me), to go take a walk around the block to find the white cat, they argued with me, and I said listen that could be YOUR cat, go find the cat Tia was chasing. About 5 minutes later they come screaming around the corner, BELLE, BELLE!!! So apparently it was Belle, and they bring her home. She was filthy, and starving! But she is home and content now, we sure did miss her!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


These are just some pictures that I had on my camera, they were taken within the last two weeks. Thom did the ceremonies at the rodeo this year as per normal. And he was getting his battle armor cleaned up and ready to go, Kaiden put on his uniform and looked so cute!



MY CUTE BOYS, LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008



Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well we have had a house full of sickies for the past two weeks. Everyone is on antibiotics now, so I am hoping we are on the downward swing of things. Will and Nic have ear infections(which is the secondary infection to their viral infections), poor babies. The older three have the same viral infection that the two little boys have, but they have a different secondary bacterial infection. Me and Thom have sinus infections, and Thom's kidneys are acting up again, AUGH!!! So it has been interesting here for the past few weeks. The kids are back to school today, wahoo for mom!:-) A much needed break.
And I have been extremely busy. I have taken on more jobs than I should have, but I enjoy staying busy for the most part. I have my family, I am still babysitting, but am down to 6 kids, and they are never all here at the same time, I am the church clerk(kinda like a secretary, but more of the legalities of the church), I am the cubmaster for Kaiden's scout pack, as well as the Webelos leader(I was supposed to be the assistant, but somehow ended up being the main leader, thanks Thom), I am the hospitality chair for our church, which should be easy, since I have a group under me to do things, but well, honestly, I LOVE them all, but they are not very reliable(well all but one of them, but she has had family in town), and I have ended up having to do most everything. Which has amounted to at least one main event each week, and cause their is nobody else to do it, I have ended up having to clean the church every week also(somehow, that falls under hospitality, I see it, but don't like it) and i have a big project coming up in that area, which is our annual church in the park, which I ma hoping to get some of my girls' help with, but one of Thom's friends is going to be helping me, and I am SOO EXTREMELY grateful for his help. Also I am working part time at a little po-dunk ma and pop store here in Hurricane. Well it was the .99 Family Store. But due to the rise in cost of everything, it is no longer the .99 store, it is now just the Family Store. She is looking for a new name. And reliable employees, and until she finds reliable employees, I am working MUCH more than I wanted to. Also she has turned over all the inventory, ordering and stocking to me. Which puts me at about full time hours. So I have been SOOO extremely busy with everything that I have put on my plate. I am trying to be a good mom and wife in the midst of all this work I am doing, but it is hard!
So that is why I have not been posting much lately, just WAY too busy.

Thursday, September 11, 2008




Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Yesterday was Thom's birthday. he is quickly creeping into his mid 30's, AUGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is now 34. We did not do much, he took this whole week off work. I took him to dinner at Applebees, and then we came home and had some of his friends over for ice cream cake. He was very blessed, and got some good presents:-). He had a wonderful time, and is enjoying the remiander of his week off, though he cannot stay away for long, adn has been glued to his phone,and I think tomorrow he is going to go down to HHS. But oh well.
Also Pooh went for his 18 month check up this afternoon. He is SO TINY!!!!!!!!! He weighs in at 20 pounds 14 ounces. What a cute little man. But he is tall for his age, so the doctor says he should start to feel out soon:) He is doing great, he is slow on the speech (which I already knew), but the doctor says that is normal for boys. So we will be working on his vocabulary more. And he was so lucky, he did not need any shots this time, WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!
And well that about sums up my day:-) I know boring!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Heber was absolutely beautiful this weekend. It was a gorgeous 65ish degrees all weekend, it was great! Not hot, yet not to cold as well. It was not the most enjoyable trip aside form the weather though:-( I ended up having to drive up alone with the kids, I could not leave until all the kids I watch were picked up, which put me leaving (to make a 4 1/2 hour drive) about 6:30 Friday night. Thom ended up leaving early with one of his friends, because his boss called and said he had been put on bed rest after having an 'accident' with his horse Friday morning, the horse had fractured his skull, and he could not leave, so Thom had to go up and do all his work, which left me to drive alone. Well everything seemed to be going okay, I was making GREAT time considering I had 5 kids, and 5 tiny bladders, and we still had to eat dinner. And no, none of the kids slept, they fought the ENTIRE trip! I ended up pulling into Provo about 10:00, though I did not make it to the lodge until 12:15 (now this is a 30 minute drive under normal conditions) My cell phone was dead, my car charger had broken, and I was LOST! We drove around for a long time, asked many people for directions. Turns out I had been given wrong directions to begin with, but I finally made. Poor Thom he was so stressed by the time I had gotten there, he could not understand why I was so late, and why I would not answer my phone, the only logical reason in his mind was that we were dead on the side of the road somewhere. So by the time I pulled up to the lodge, which is right on the Jordanalle Lake(http://lodgeatstillwater.com/ ) and all the guys rushed out to see me, and everyone was so happy we were there:-) it was kinda cute (but they were ready to call the highway patrol), but I was SOOO irate, by the time I got there, I just wanted to go to bed! The lodge is beautiful! And because Thom got up there first, and he has the most kids (LOL, sometimes it pays to have so many kids) we ended up with the 3 bedroom suite. It was awesome! So we got settled down, and after taking some sleeping pills(cause I was so high strung by this time) we zonked out.
Now planning on spending an enjoyable day with my family, I was sorely disappointed when Thom ended up having to work all day. So I was alone with the kids, in the room all day Saturday. Which was HORRIBLE! I was so ready to go to dinner by the time the events finally began. Luckily they had arranged childcare and a children's picnic for all the kids. I dropped the kids off downstairs, then went up to the banquet hall. Finally found my husband. And went to the bar, cause by this time I NEEDED a drink:) And I got to spend some time with Geoff. I have missed him SO much since he moved to the Slat Lake valley. He was up there working this weekend as well, he is an ADSW for Brady, one of the recruiters in Draper. So that was fun. Then we went into the banquet. (now on a side note, this is the fanciest conference of the year, so all the ladies are dressed in nice(formal-esk) dresses, and all the guys are in their dress blues, and very nice looking bunch, but forgot the camera, so no pictures yet) First we had the toasts, during the toasts Thom's team performed the 'Toast to the fallen soldiers" ceremony, which is AMAZINGLY beautiful. Then we had dinner, which was alright(but definitely NOT $50 good), then we proceeded to the awards portion of the banquet. Thom received the "Army Commendation Medal", for 'selection as the "Top Team Contributor" by his respective associates. He has shown clear leadership and resolve to accomplish the mission. His competency and professionalism set the standard and reflect the finest traditions of military service." Apparently the other awards are more fru-fru-ish, and this is a HUGE honor. An Army Commendation award. So were we all real proud of him. Then we proceeded to go outside where Thom's team perform the 'flag retirement' ceremony. it is like a funeral for a flag that has seen better days, in which at the end, the flag is burned and the ashes are buried. It was beautiful. And Miss Utah, SGT Jill Stevens, performed the national anthem, as the flag was lowered, it was actually a very memorable experience. Then I went and picked up the kids, and we went up to the room and I put them to bed. About almost this time Thom was finally finished working:-), so a friend came to our room to sit with the kids as they slept, and we went down to the bar for about an hour, and got a drink, yes, just one. Then we went to bed. I woke up SOO sick Sunday morning, I had finally caught the kids' cold. I was miserable. Thom had classes Sunday morning, so I packed up the kids, and got ready to go home. We finally hit the road about 11:00, to head home. So it was a pretty boring trip for me, I could have watched my kids at home, gotten sick at home, and saved a few hundreds dollars, and a little bit of my sanity if I had stayed at home, but i am glad I was there to see Thom gets his awards and see the ceremonies. I did not get to see any of my family or friends while we were up there, and that SUCKED, but hopefully next time, this weekend is always so busy with conference stuff, and then I was sick, blah, it sucked. And I am really bummed I did not get any pictures( but we did get our picture taken by the photographer during the individual portion of the pictures, but we did not get them last year, so we will see if we actually get it this year), I think I am requesting a new camera for Christmas, or maybe my anniversary which is only a month away. Yeah that is what I will do. :-) Now I am back to work and life, and I don't feel like I had a weekend at all.
Well, ramble, ramble, that is all for now.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So I was watching the Today show this morning as I was getting ready to go to work( yeah work, blah, I am helping out at the 'Family Store' here in town, blah) anyway, so I am watching the Today show, and who do they have on as their 'special guests'. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!!!!!! Are ya kidding me? I guess after all these years they have decidied to do a 'comeback'. Seriously boys, you are what, in your 30's? Quit trying to be a boy-band, GROW UP! Wow, and there dancing, LOL! I honestly do not have the words to express my disgust at what I saw on TV this morning. Okay so I will quit being mean now:-)
On another note. They were also covering the RNC. And I must say I could not be happier with McCain's choice of running mate, I LOVE Sarah Palin!!!! She is awesome! So happy with this turn of events.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We have been extremely busy the past few weeks, hence my lack of posting. School is going great, the kids are happy, Rylie has been moved from her 'not-so-good' teacher to a new one, I am very happy with this new one!!!! And she has been placed in the AM class, which works out much better for me:-)
All 4 of the older children went to the dentist this morning. Pooh spent the morning with Kat, Thanks Kat, you are THE BEST!!!! We switched dentists after the last dentist fiasco with Makayla's teeth pulling. I am VERY PLEASED with this new dentist. Kaiden was his normal brave self, and he did just fine, checked out perfectly, but dentist does suggest he get into an orthodontist soon. Makayla, as per normal, cried and fought it the whole time. But she checked out just fine also, with a recommendation to an ortho as well. Rylie, of course, was perfect, and her mouth checked out perfect as well, also with a recommendation to an ortho :-(. Nic was VERY brave, but he does have three cavities, the dentist called them floss cavities, I am assuming that if we had pushed flossing better, he would not have gotten them. But otherwise he did great, he is going in, in 3 weeks, to have them filled. And I feel much better about this dentist performing procedures on my child. Amazingly the dentist did not recommend an ortho yet, but he could have been more interested in the cavities, I donno. But we will see. So we will be going back in 3 weeks for cavities, also Will is going at that time for a checkup, apparently he is old enough to go, i generally wait till they are 2, but the nurse told me, no, they start at 1, and since he is 18 months, he needs to get in.
So almost another perfectly successful dentist appointment. But they were very impressed that out of 5 kids, we have only had one with cavities. They said those are some pretty good odds, so I guess I should be happy:-) and I am, I am just worried about Nic, but I am sure he will do great! Cause he is so brave.
***SIDE NOTE*** For all in Salt Lake, we will be up in Heber this weekend, and would LOVE to see you guys! If we could make it work. Give me a call.