Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well Thom bought me a new car this week, well not new but new to us, it is a 2007 Ford Explorer, way cute, I love it! We decided to go the route of a new car, because the registration on my Durango was due this week, but it needed many repairs, which we were not able to afford at the time, so we decided to get something else:) Which due to a larger payment, has bumped us out of being able to buy a new house (as intended), at least for the time being, but I love my house now, so it is okay.
Thom is finally going into surgery tomorrow to have his stones removed!!!! Yeah!! He has been so miserable. We will both be glad when it is all said and done. Hopefully this time they will be able to find them and figure out why he keeps getting them, we are in pray that the doctor is not a retard this time around!
Kaiden and Makayla are entering their final month of school, and have been busy at school practicing for their end of year programs as well as busy working on their end of level testing. We are looking forward to the summer!!!!
Me and the little ones, have just been busy playing outside and with our friends! We have been having lots of fun!
My mom's leg is healing up nicely, the doctor yesterday could not believe how well the bones are already fusing together, he has never seen such miraculous recovery. ALL THE GLORY TO THE LORD!!!!!
We are expecting our tax rebate to be deposited into our account either this week or next!!!! We are looking froward to it! We had planned a nice big vacation, we were headed over to California(you know the whole experience, Seaworld, Disneyland), then up to Washington to see my brother-in-law, Tim, who is in rehab again there, and then down to Yellowstone for a nice little family reunion with my wonderful family form Washington (Uncle Dave and the boys, and their families) it is nice having a large family, cause at times when you are getting paid for each family member, we are blessed with a large rebate. But due to some circumstances beyond our control, the money is already spent, and we are going to have to forgo our whole trip:( We may make it up to Salt Lake to see my family there for a few days, or a week or so, have some fun up there, the kids want to go to the zoo, and stuff. So I am bummed, but maybe if we buckle down we will be able to take a smaller vacation in fall.
That is all for now, our weeks in a nut shell:) I will let all know how Thom's surgery goes tomorrow:)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well things are going better this week:):):) Me and the kids have been out playing in this gorgeous weather. The wind finally stopped so we could go out and really play. It has been in the 80's here for a couple weeks now, but the wind has been blowing so hard it has not been fun to play outside. But this week the winds have calmed (as have the winds of my life:) ). Yesterday Kaiden and Makayla stayed home from school and we went with some friends to one of the many water parks in town (they are just parks with a water-splash pad), and we had lunch out there and just played in the water for quite a few hours. Then we went home and they played in the sprinklers till dinner time. So they have had much outdoor time running around and expending there energy. And this morning Nic and Rylie were already out screaming and playing in the sprinklers again:) So fun!! I love living down here in GORGEOUS southern Utah!!!!

The Park
Kaiden, Kayla, Ry, and Will playing in the backyard
And Nic joins them!
Kaiden and kayla shooting each other with the water cannons, and also in this pic is Bella and Ziggy
Kaiden and Nic
Nic and Clay looking to shoot Makayla

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Well I have not been posting this week, because it has been a ROUGH week, I am so thankful that tomorrow is Sunday, a new week, and new luck and blessings hopefully:)
It all started last Sunday. Right after church Thom left for Salt Lake, he was due to be home the next day. Me and the kids were bored and my parents were out fishing and they called and invited us to go play int he water with them. So we went over there, they were only about 2 miles from our house. As we got there my mom came up the hill to help me get the kids down to the water. She grabbed both girls hands and I walked behind her with the 3 boys. We got to where they were at, and started down the hill, all was going well, until one of the girls started to slip, and my mom tried to pull her back up and ended up slipping herself, and she went down. (Yes, I am exceedingly guilty, thank you) Because she was down the hill we had to call 911 to get her out. So I raced to get a sitter, and actually beat the ambulance to the hospital(welcome to podunk, hick ville). I waited there with her and my dad, until the doctor finally came back with her test results, all was okay accept she had two breaks in one of her legs, which would require surgery to fix. So knowing what was wrong with her I went home to the kids (cause all they saw was Grandma fall, and then be loaded into the ambulance, so they were crying and freaking out thinking Grandma was dead), and waited until she was just about out of surgery, then I took the kids up to the hospital to see her. And this is how my whole week was. Spending time at the hospital supporting my mom, and taking care of the kids. All the while I was sick, I have a major sinus infection. She finally made it home on Tuesday. But since my dad had to go back to work, I have been spending most of my free time taking care of her. Oh and all the while this was going on, (it does not sound much like it but this was a VERY emotionally, mentally, physically draining experience.) Thom was supposed to be home on Monday(which was good cause I needed his help with the kids, so I could help my mom), but his trip got delayed till Tuesday. But unfortunately his kidney stones started acting up bad again, and he ended up back in the ER in Salt Lake, all day Tuesday. So his trip then got delayed to Wednesday. One of his colleagues up in Salt Lake ended up driving him home on Wednesday evening. So now I am taking care of him and my mom, and being sick. During this time I receive a phone call from my neighbor's husband. She has had a heart attack and two strokes over the last 2 weeks, and they need my help. So I am beyond stressed by this point! I feel like I am being pulled in so many ways!!! On Tuesday I took Nic and Will to their well-checks. And Will got 6, SIX, shots! So he has been cranky and not feeling good. I had a very good friend call me and offer to take the kids off my hands for a few hours on Tuesday night. It was so wonderful of her, thank you Misty, you are the best! So I was able to get a Blizzard(the largest one) and sit by myself for a couple hours and not think about ANYTHING! It was great. Then last night we had the boy scouts camp out. I am EXHAUSTED!!! They were up all night, and then they were up SO early. It was an exhausting experience! And today we spent all day at the kite festival, outside in the sun and wind(more exhausting). Today has been a decent day, Thom is very uncomfortable, but he is surviving( the soonest I could get him a doctor's appointment to even schedule the surgery is 2 weeks!), my mom is doing much better, she is using a walker and is confined to the house for 6 weeks, but her spirits are ALOT better, and she is getting around and taking care of herself for the most part, YEAH FOR MOM! So with the beginning of normalcy, I am looking forward to a new, blessed week! Overall it was a VERY draining week. No there are no pictures, cause I would prefer to forget it all together.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well Nic turned 4 on Friday, I cannot believe he is already four!!!!

Mom and the birthday boy!

We had a small party at Adventure Pizza with a lot of his friends. And yes Michol, most of the pictures did not turn out because my camera's flash was not working, but here are a couple that did turn out.
Dad and the kids watching Mike(Nic's furture father-in-law) and Bella(future wife)winning big!
This is the best picture of Bella that I could get, she hates cameras! "Mommy, I am going to marry Bella" Nic is so in love with her, and she just loves him also:) And she is absolutely a total doll, we adore her as well. (But Nic bettter get a good job, cause she loves money as well:) )
Bella fighting for the balls with Maveric All the little ones playing Skeet Ball
Then we came back to the house for cake, ice cream and presents.

Opening more presents with friends Tiara, Gray and Wyatt
He was so happy and excited! He had such a great day, and got major spoiled!
Some of the guests, Sherlyn, Taylor, and Casey

Misty and Tori...oh and dad:)
Maria and Chihiro
And Nic is having a hard time holding onto his Gameboy cause Will LOVES it!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

APRIL 2ND 2008

Well I realized it had been awhile since I blogged, and my parents brought over their pictures they had been storing up on their camera(they develop their pictures maybe twice a year), so these are some older miscellaneous pictures from last year.

I don't remember Will being so bald, but he is adorable!!!

Will riding at Old Hollywood
Kaiden's first deer hunt! No they did not get anything:)Grandpa and Kaiden
Daddy and Kaiden

All the kids at Old Hollywood
All the kids after a hike up in Snow Canyon
Grandma and Will after our hike

The boys at Old Hollywood
On our hike in Old hollywood
The girls at Old Hollywood
The girls after the hike
The girls on the hike