Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well here I go negelecting my blog again, it has been weeks, though I did not realize that till I was on one of the teacher's websites, that stated 17 days till fall break, and my last post was the first day of school, LOL!! Oh well, Thom was gone for 2 1/2 months so life was hectic! He is now home for "good", but my computer is causing me lots of issues, it has many a virus, so i can only use it for necessities, for other stuff, I am using the library or my mom's, or my phone, but my phone can only do so much, so until I get my computer fixed, I will be out of the loop, but hopefully that will be SOON, Bill tried, but, I think Thom did not do the follow through cause he left for out of town. But I will keep pestering for it to be fixed or to get a new computer all together. And hopefully I will be up and running again soon. Until then most of my updates and pictures will be sent to Facebook, cause I can do this via my phone. There is a bunch of new pics on there from this last weekend in Midway. That is all for now, but hopefully not long:-)