Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Newest Addition.

Okay so it has been MONTHS, but if you spent even one hour in my life, you would understand that I have NO TIME to do ANYTHING! So here is a very delayed, short posting. We decided to host a foriegn exchange student. We used the company AYUSA, which is the best, well I work for them so i have to say that huh?:-) But no, we checked around and felt this one was the best. Our new daughter, Katalin, arrived the last day of July. And things have been crazy ever since:) She is 17, and she is from the Netherlands, Holland. It has been quite an adjustment, for all of us. The first week she was here, we also had about 22 missionaries from Oklahoma visiting, that Thom and I were 'in charge' of. So her first week here she was thrown right into our chaotic life. But she did real well. Here are some pictures of her and some of our new Oklahoma friends, from our trip to Zion.

KATALIN, LAUREN, LAYNA (L to R, friends fromOK) at Zion

JENN, LAUREN, LAYNA, KATALIN, SHANA (the girls before we headed up Angels Landing)