Monday, May 3, 2010


Kayla, Ry and Nic played soccer this Spring. They loved it and I gotta say Nic and Ry were AMAZING! Kayla was good also, put her personality got in the way, she is timid and does like like to get all up in your face, which is VERY good in life, but not so much on a sports field. But Nic and Ry have no issues getting aggressive and all up in your face, LOL. These are not teh best pictures, they are just a quick snap shot before or after a game, cause my "sports" control on my camera, is RETARDED. Also due to my hectic work schedule, thye missed about half their games, so that was a bummer, all three even missed their last game, so they did not get their team pics, or their trophies:-(